Wedding dinners

Our head chef has compiled the following menu suggestions as a sample. We are happy to meet individual requirements; you can plan the courses, drinks and the wedding cake together with our events organisers and chef. To ensure full satisfaction – when you place an order – we invite you for a pre-tasting.

The prices indicated are only for information purposes.


Wedding menu 1

  • Chicken broth Újházy style
  • Pancake filled with paprika chicken Hortobágy style
  • Assorted platter: Pork medallion Gellért style and parmesan-turkey breast with pumpkin seed oil-mixed salad, porcini mushroom risotto
  • Melon balls ripped in Tokaj wine with vanilla icecream


Wedding menu 2

  • Smoked trout with yogurt-horseradish and lamb lettuce
  • Bouillon with home-made pasta and vegetables
  • Whole baked herbed pork tenderloin and mushroom-prune stuffed turkey with grilled vegetables and potato casserole
  • Assorted mini desserts with fresh strawberry


Wedding menu 3

  • Foie gras with with salmon
  • Soup with semolina gnocchi and vegetables
  • Roasted chicken breast fillet with peach chutney, Hungarian grey cattle with piquant capri-sauce, colorful side dishes
  • Bitter chocolate mousse with cognac, forest fruit ragout and cinnamon sauce


Wedding buffet dinner 1

  • Assorted cold appetizers
    (stuffed Hungarian ham, basil-mozzarella, smoked chicken breast with Waldorf salad)
  • Bouillon
  • Venison ragout with porcini and croquettes
  • Pike perch slices with vegetable risotto
  • Veal paprikash with ewe cheese noodles
  • Oregano meetballs with tomato-parmesan penne
  • Somló sponge cake
  • Assorted mini desserts
  • Fresh fruits


Wedding buffet dinner 2

  • Sausage filled pork chop and smoked salmon with Bavarian potato salad
  • Chicken bouillon with home-made pasta and vegetables
  • Roast duck with pineapple-cabbage and bacon-mashed potatoes
  • Beef ragout Burgundy style with herbed polenta
  • Catfish paprikash with sour cream and cottage cheese pasta
  • Pullet Saltimbocca with grilled vegetables (with Parma ham, sage)
  • Gellért chocolate roll
  • Assorted minid desserts
  • Fresh fruits


Wedding buffet dinner 3

  • Foie gras with fruits ripped in Tokaj wine
  • Cream of flap mushroom with pumpkin seed oil crouton
  • Crispy leg of duck with scalloped potatoes and pickles
  • Turkey Stroganoff style with croquettes
  • Filet mignon of mangalica pork in sesame seeds coat with zucchini risotto
  • Red wine flavoured beef stew with letcho-egg barley
  • Floating islands
  • Assorted minid desserts
  • Fresh fruits


Drinks package

unlimited consumption for 6 hours

  • 2 varieties of quality white wine
  • 2 varieties of quality red wine
  • Bottle of beer or draft beer
  • Mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juice
  • Coffee


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